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Green lawn Installing seed and sod

Seeding advantages:

• More species available

• Different mixes available for your preferred management practice, including sun or shade,

  disease resistance, and soil type

• Grass grows and remains in its permanent environment

• Initial cost is lower


Sod advantages:

• Enjoy a lawn right away

• Walk on your lawn soon after planting

• Minimal dust, mud, and erosion

• Minimal to zero weeds

• Can be planted from early spring to late


Installing green lawn

Dig your toes into the thick, green lawn that you've always dreamed about with the help of Northwoods Unlimited LLC certified lawn care professionals. We have been seeding and laying sod in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area for 13 years, so we know how to make your grass grow!


There are key differences between sod and seeding. Both options come with their own set of advantages, listed below. Our experts know all the tricks of the trade and are willing to give you tips on successful sod and seeding. Call us today! 

Make the grass greener on your side of the fence

Sod versus seeding

Our seed and sod professionals serve homes and businesses within a 60-mile radius of Eau Claire.

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• Topsoil & sod

• Hydroseeding

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